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Dear old Mom asked her son to spy on his brother-in-law

Reading the recurring requests penned in his mother’s familiar cursive writing, Edwin A. Lowe gulped. He clearly understood what Lucetta S. Parker sought: information about her third oldest son — and a particular son-in-law. Re-reading Lucetta’s questions marks, Lowe gulped again. This wasn’t going to be an easy letter to write home to dear old […]

Even a “Dear John” letter was welcome on Valentine’s Day 1864

  There were many moments in winter 1864 when a Maine doctor stationed on the Texas Gulf Coast would have welcomed a “Dear John” letter — or any printed material to disrupt the mind-numbing ennui affecting his morale. But a letter from home was the best morale-boosting elixir of all. In transferring from the 15th […]

Dexter surgeon sent his wife packing and broke her heart

  Given the opportunity to have his wife and young son join him on a Texas Gulf Coast island in late 1863, Dr. John Butler Wilson of Dexter shipped them home instead. He soon regretted his decision — and had he foreseen the future, Wilson would never have let his family out of his sight. […]