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Three bold Confederates strolled into a Calais bank

Fidgeting with his revolver earned George Foster a dubious and obscure footnote in Civil War history. By summer 1864, Confederate agents based in Canada dreamed and schemed about carrying the war to the Union home front. Still a British possession, Canada was a neutral territory across which Confederate and Union spies and counterspies danced — […]

A dead horse and a foot wound ruined Black Hawk’s Day

In his youth, Black Hawk Putnam of Houlton raised Co. E of the 1st Maine Cavalry Regiment. Wounded in a bloody ambush at Middletown, Va., he survived combat, only to see the Houlton draft board attempt to send him back to war. (Photo courtesy of the Aroostook County Historical and Art Museum)

  A Confederate ambush in the Shenandoah Valley shot a Black Hawk down in May 1862. Putnams helped settle Houlton, and to John Varnum and Elizabeth Putnam a son was born on April 28, 1838. Six years earlier a Sauk chief had led several Indians tribes in a brief and tragic war against the United […]